Why Every Kid Wants to Be a YouTuber


Why Every Kid Wants to Be a YouTuber

Before YouTube and Hollywood, everyone wanted to be a writer. Writers were smart and creative, they made people laugh, but most importantly – they were able to express themselves and share their art with the world.

Ernest Hemingway put it best when he said, “There is nothing to writing. You just sit at a typewriter and bleed.” In other words, anyone can make art. And guess what – YouTube is the new medium for art.

YouTube The New Place Stars Are Born

Today, social video sites such as YouTube have given millennials the ability to express themselves in a whole new way. Millennials can just sit in front a camera and simply talk, and then it’s out there for the world to watch and listen. It’s a little daunting if you think about it, but I think that is also what makes being a YouTuber so attractive for millennials. It’s an opportunity to go “viral” and make your voice heard by the world.

But why is being a YouTuber the new celebrity? Well, it’s pretty simple – YouTubers are becoming way more popular than celebrities. This is because millennials want someone who is open, transparent and engaging.

Teens and kids are tired of artificial celebrities and can see right through their fake “off-screen” personas. In some respects, this all sounds pretty obvious: Surely any rational person would agree that the YouTuber making videos in his basement with a green screen he bought on Amazon is a bit “realer” than someone like, Leonardo DiCaprio. But, surprisingly, authenticity seems to be more important to the millennial generation.

Teens are realizing they don’t have to sell their souls to Hollywood in order to be an entertainer. YouTube has become the loophole.

The Importance Of Owning Your Own Youtube Channel

Let’s talk about why being a YouTuber is so important to millennials and why teens and kids want to be this type of entertainer – because being a YouTuber is kind of weird when you think about it.  A random person, from a random place who uploads a video to the internet and suddenly has millions of people from all over the world watching those videos – crazy! But, being a YouTuber is so important because they give people a place to escape and make the world seem a little less stressful – especially when you can listen to a YouTuber vlogging about how their day, struggles and successes. YouTubers are real people, and they bring everyone closer by making videos about anything ranging from relationships to comedy skits to educational tutorials.

Most importantly, becoming a YouTuber is becoming a part of a wacky community of people that can make the world a little more fun and entertaining with their videos.


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